Dreams Dreamers Dream

A friend and I are embarking on a journey in our Jungian collective unconscious…see below…anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of silly dreams! Email once first to “register” or introduce yourself…


dear dreamers,

i’m interested in your dreams! i’m sure you are, too. i’m interested in lots of different things about dreams, and who dreams what…

dreams are easy to forget, especially if you never share them or write them down. often upon writing or relating a dream to someone, details you thought you’d forgotten emerge and the sensations from your slumber return. fragments of dreams are also welcome. and updates, if extra pieces come to you later in the day, are encouraged. please be honest about your dreams: we’ve all murdered people and had sex with people and done lots of stuff we’re not necessarily vocal about in our waking life…

i have no detailed systematic plan for this project. this is the data gathering phase. i’m not an expert in dreams. i can’t offer you any personalized dream analysis or interpretation. instead, i’m hoping to encourage documentation of your dreams. they may help us all unravel the collective unconscious underpinning our time… or they may just entertain while remaining mysteriously meaningless.

send dreams to dreamsdreamersdream@gmail.com. feel free to send nightmares too. feel free to include elaborations, thoughts about what might have triggered a particular element of your dream… don’t be shy! we all know creepy weird stuff happens in dreams–sex, drugs, crime, infidelity, etc…

please send them from the same email address so I can keep track of whose dreams belong to whom. you don’t have to give me your name/identity. if you’re a friend, feel free to create an anonymous email account and relate your dreams to me as though you’re a stranger. you also dont have to name the people in your dreams, just describe who they are in relation to you. i may ask for clarification. know that i won’t share your dreams with anyone in any identifiable way. there are no permission or consent forms to sign, but i take your sending of dreams as permission to read them, discuss them, and write about them at some point in the future. try to send at least 1 dream a week to begin with. i’ll encourage you with reminder emails no more than once a month.

any questions? email dreamsdreamersdream@gmail.com.

happy dreaming!

Katrina and ID

UPDATE: Woah, look at those stars cross their boundary!

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