What A Wordsmith!

Hunter S. Thompson to Tom Wolfe…

March 3, 1971
Dear Tom…

You worthless scumsucking bastard, I just got your letter on Feb 25 from the Grand Hotel in Roma, you swine! Here you are running around fkcing Italy in that filthy white suit at a thousand bucks a day laying all kinds of stone gibberish & honky bullshit on those poor wops who can’t tell the difference…while I’m out here in the middle of these goddamn frozen mountains in a death battle with the taxman & nursing cheap wine while my dogs go hungry & my cars explode and a legion of nazi layers makea my life a goddamn Wobbly nightmare…
You decadent pig. Where the fck do you get the nerve to go around telling those wops that I’m crazy? You worthless fck. My Italian tour is already arranged for the next spring & I’m going to do the whole goddamn trip wearing a bright red field marshall’s uniform & accompanied by six speedfreak bodyguards bristling with Mace bombs & when I start talking about American writers & the name Tom Wolfe comes up, by god, you are going to wish you were born a fcking iguana!!
OK for that, you thieving pile of albino warts. You better settle your goddamn affairs because your deal is about to go down. «Unprofessorial,» indeed! You scurvy wop! I’ll have your goddamn femurs ground into bone splinters if you ever mention my name again in connection with that horrible «new journalism» shuck you’re promoting.
Ah, this greed, this malignancy! Where will it end? What filthy weight your soul has made you sink so low? Doctor Bloor was wright! Hyenas are taking over the world! Oh Jesus!!! What else can I say? Except to warn you, once again, that the hammer of justice looms, and that your filthy white suit will become a flaming shroud!

Sincerely Hunter

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