A Note From Gay Talese to Gay Talese

In regards to a book idea that has been germinating for too long…

“Why am I not writing this book faster?  Do I have ‘Writer’s Block’?  No, you’re not suffering from ‘Writer’s Block,’ you’re just showing good judgment in not publishing anything at this time.  You’re demonstrating concern for readers in not burdening them with bad writing.  More writers should be doing what you’re doing –– NOT writing.  There’s so much bad writing out there, why add to it?  The bookshelves of America are lined with the second-rate work of first-rate writers.  Many of these writers have a built-in audience and so the editors will publishing their stuff.  They’ll publish whatever sells.  But the writers should be blocked.   It would be a good thing for the writers’ reputations, for the publishers’ productions costs, and for the reading standards of the general public.  There should be a National Book Award given annually to certain writers for NOT WRITING.”

2 Responses to “A Note From Gay Talese to Gay Talese”

  1. Butz Chaquane Says:

    It has nothing to do with the size of the Staten Island dump of publishing. You write for yourself. You write to chisel away at the mess in your own head that has to be organized. You write even if it’s crap. It’s unhealthy not to take a shit everyday.

    Yeah…I’m THAT guy. But you know I’m right.

    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      Obviously you’re right. I find it comforting than even Gay Talese feels like he sucks sometimes :).

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