This is going to be a new category!  Thank you, Annie Dillard, for this title!

Everyone loves talking about/thinking about their dreams (there’s a whole industry) but no one really likes hearing about them.  So, seeing as I don’t think anyone reads my blog (and if you do and don’t care to hear about my dreams, then fucking SKIP THIS ENTRY!) I’ll just post ’em up here when they bug me out a little.  See also: my burqa dream from eight months ago or so.

Last night:

I married my boyfriend’s friend, who himself is engaged.  He gave me a ring that looks like a cheap-o version of the one I currently wear and never take off, and I felt a little chagrined by the lack of originality on his part.

Completely and horrendously broke, I found some machine that gave me sixty-six dollars when I inserted my passport into it, and once the ones were finished being spit out of the slot, the live Indian woman inside shook her head at me, “No.”

I decided to reorganize my sundries drawer, which was full of tiny little buttons, jewelry boxes, and socks.

Finally, for a split second I was an alter-self, a Manson girl, contemplating how to leave the cult without getting killed.  I succeeded by fleeing to a Starbucks in the rain.

3 Responses to “SORRY TO TELL YOU A DREAM”

  1. theffutureof Says:


    Paul S

  2. katrina Says:

    people don’t like listening to dreams? before i hit up, i recounted my oprah email to a friend. but i did something you didn’t do– tried to interpret! starbucks?!

    you should tell your readers to submit their dreams to you-know-where. our project is dying.

    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      I would try to interpret, but held off because of the marriage theme…seemed like potentially dangerous territory!

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