Some Dream Snippets, As Of Late

Two cameos…

From HW:

I’ve been dying to tell you about this ridiculous dream I had about us last week:
I was in the worst possible mood known to man (why? according to the dream I wasn’t sure) so I ran away to your apartment building- mostly because you were there, but also because you had a Barnes&Noble mini-store on one of the floors and it was only open to residents of the building and their guests. I found you there and poured my heart out to you. I wish I knew what was bothering me so much because for some reason you were the only person I was able / wanted to talk / cry to (Thanks!). Anyway, while in the book store you started asking the others dwellers (AKA your neighbors – remember the store was only open to those that live in the building) if there’s a B&N in Israel…and I’m thinking, “Hello, I’m right here!!! Israel is my turf…book stores in Israel are 100% my turf!!! Why the hell are you asking everyone other then me? That whole scenario passed and you proceeded to show me some pictures of yours that were being displayed throughout the room. On our way out of the store and to the elevators we spot a whole bunch of my friends coming up the hall looking for me and I start throwing a tantrum and absolutely freaking out that I don’t want them to be there. Like I said, I only wanted to talk to you. Some how we manage to make an escape to my car up, but it’s late and you don’t want me to drive alone so you make a neighbors of yours follow me home on his/her (one of those dreams where the person starts out male and then suddenly transforms into a chick) bike. Turns out he/she is a convicted pedophile and he/she begins chasing me wildly… and then I woke up to my damn alarm.

From KM:

Oh, and I have a dream that you were in last night!  I was writing a letter or something and you were helping me with the wording.  You made some poetic comparison, something to do with a raven and a waterfall and everyone loved it.  Don’t worry, I didn’t cop it as my own.  I told everyone you came up with it and the response was usually, “Oooh, that makes sense.” 

Two from Me:

Two nights ago:

I was in something that looked like a school (straight hallway, low ceilings, cement floors, a few doors off each side leading to little rooms.)  For some reason I knew what would be in the last room, so I walked down the hall and entered very quietly.  In the room were a number of Orthodox women sitting on chairs and one semi-old rabbi.  The women were all somewhat portly, wearing black and had their hair covered with black scarves.  The space felt tight. The rabbi was allegedly (I say “allegedly” because I didn’t really hear what he was saying, I knew I went to the room for this reason) giving a talk to these women, who were all holding small prayer books (Torahs?  Idk.)  The atmosphere was casual and happy.  I was appropriately dressed but my hair was not covered.  I grabbed a book and opened and tried to clandestinely put a scarf around my hair.  After a few minutes of sitting and listening to the banter, I eked out, afraid I would be caught.
As I was walking down the bustling hallway, I heard a woman yell out that someone had stolen a book, it belonged to Mrs. So-and-so, and that they usually save their prayer books to give to their first born daughters (or maybe just daughters.)  I kept walking thinking maybe I’d just scoot away but I stopped in my tracks, turned around and started sobbing in the hallway.  I said, “I have it!” and this woman (not wearing a head scarf, btw, with ash-blond hair) walked up to me.  I was still crying as I told her that I was so sorry, I was just curious and I didn’t know what to do, I was so sorry, etc.  Basically babbling incoherently.  And she looked at me so warmly and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.  I understand.  If you have any questions you can always ask me.”  And I gave her back her book. 

Last night:

Clotted blood coming out of my mouth, but when I went to show someone, it was gone.

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