A Montage Poem, “by” Me

The Morning After I Drank FourLoko, I Woke Up…

face down on the floor, heart racing, no shirt or shoes, soaking wet jeans, cell phone next to my head with a note that says room 5016 (or 5061) and wallet is missing
with a black eye and no memory.
[at] 6:45am and I was in bed still wearing my shoes and my contacts. Several of my knuckles were split and there was part of an orange construction fence entangled on my coat.
with no pants or boxers…just a trader joes bag and a construction vest on.
delirious and to a robbed house. MacBook, Flatscreen, and my weed.

with several four loco cans in my sink, blood all over my face, a ruptured bursa sack and five grams of coke.

back at my friend’s house with my dress inside out, my underwear on backwards, no wallet and the suspicion that I had cried in my sleep.
wearing eyepatches, on top of each other, inside of a boat we made out of cardboard keystone packaging.
in the attic of a Super 8 covered in glowsticks
laying next to our community pool in vomit, with a broken pinky
with two topless chicks, two gallons of milk, a black eye, and 13 pizzas with a receipt from pizza hut of $164.82.
with ez mac all over me and in my bed, probably with a 200 bpm heart rate.
spooning with my ex-girlfriends dog.
on a bench on top of my friend on a bench outside american apparel with the sales lady trying to get us off.
on the bathroom floor with blood soaked shorts stuck to my leg, throwing up dinner/Loko/blood and crying like a little girl
to a text that said, “Kelly wants to know your real name, you stole her car last night.”
with a missing front tooth my face scratched up and bruised and my car window was smashed in….wtf
in the bushes in front of my house in a pile of pink puke with one of my shoes missing and scrapes on my face and a huge cut on my back.
14 hours later with a voice mail from the local police station asking me to come in and give a statement about my public urination and public drunkenness.
with my head in a mixing bowl that contained flour, unbeaten eggs (the yoke was stuck in my hair), fish sticks, yogurt, oatmeal, and (of course) some Four Loko.
The End.
Thanks to the website fourlokostories.com!

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