Me, Wishing I Were Yoko Ono

Patronage Piece

Find an artistically inclined youngster.
Supply him with sketchpads, paints, a room in a seedy hotel, and a weathered copy of the collected works of Arthur Rimbaud.
Watch as he is systematically driven mad by his ambitions and drug habit.
Paint his portrait as he weeps over his wasted life
Sell the portrait to the Guggenheim for seven million dollars.
Keep the money.
From Ono’s Grapefruit

Snow Piece
Think that snow is falling.
Think that snow is falling everywhere
all the time.
When you talk with a person, think
that snow is falling between you and
on the person.
Stop conversing when you think the
person is covered by snow.
And one more, for good measure…
Announcement Piece I
Give death announcements each time you
move instead of giving announcements of
the change of address.
Send the same when you die.

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