My Gchats Are Funnier Than Tao Lin’s, Part Deux

ID:  stupid question: the siberian wasteland

is a tundra right?
as in, am i using that word correctly?

IS:  I think it might be *the tundra
i’m not sure though

ID:  yes yes

IS:  I think you’d say The siberian wasteland is tundra
ID:  or

IS:  in that context you would say *the
I’m sure
or *the wasteland that is the Siberian tundra

ID:  yep
so i’m right
i’m right
let’s just leave it at that

IS:  you r right
Will and Kate plus 8
what do you think?
ID:  like
they’ll have 8 babies?!?!
IS:  maybe
and then a TLC show

IS:  so what’s this email all about?

ID: Here it is
Thanks again for letting me attend the fantastic event on Saturday –– the cheesesteak I ate afterward was made tolerable because I was still on a bit of a high from hearing Charles speak!  Anyway, as I said (and as I wrote to Dan earlier this –– my –– morning) I will begin, if it’s okay, pitching this to a bunch of mainstream media.  I think it’s about as close to a sure thing as they come, though we live in a strange world, and publishing as a microcosm is in almost complete chaos, so perhaps it will fizzle, but it’s absolutely worth a shot.  As for me, I may look like Alice in Wonderland, but I’ve hunted pythons in the Everglades, so I think the Siberian tundra will be no match for me :).
ID:  long story
that i can’t do justice to right now
but it involves maybe me participating in a motorcycle race across siberia
IS:  oh wow
I wish I could make that my status
I’m writing a movie in my head about it as I type
a countercultural “Eat Pray Love” if you will
ID:  ahhahaha
instead of luxuriating myself into a new me
i’ll just beat the living shit out of myself
IS:  I just laughed out loud


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