Thank You!

This morning I came in to work to find a barrage of emails from WordPress telling me that all these people with French names “liked” my blog post.  I’ve mentioned this before and it’ll sound just as ridiculous this time around, but I’m not very good with technology –– I don’t exactly know what it means to “like” something (I think you just press a button?), I’ve never had a Facebook account, and I still am afraid of “apps” because I can’t quite untangle the philosophical ramifications of little things that do things for you.  Anyway, all these French people seem to be on something called Gravatar, which is a mystery to me, too.  Gravatar seems to think all these French people are based in Mcalester, Oklahoma, and when I click to see their profiles, all I get is one big symbol and their name.  I’m sure I could poke around and find out more about them (WordPress gave me a little guilt trip about it –– they liked my stuff, maybe I would “like” theirs?) but see again confession of ridiculousness.

Anyway, thanks, French people!  I’ve always enjoyed your cheese and wine!

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