Really Quickly…

Not to distract from my BRILLIANT hipster limerick, but I had to share this:
So the Zurich Airport, not surprisingly, is freakishly clean and home to little other than chocolate and watch outlets. The voices over the loudspeaker are staunch and sound as if the speaker is much more comfortable using German. It feels slightly like you’re in a machine a little too well-oiled, and that before you know it you’re ready to give up any political views in favor of being a stoic Alps-dweller nibbling on some Toblerone. But there was one flaw in the pristine system, and that was this: their airport train, which is, of course, sleek, spotless, and rapid, has a soundtrack of sorts that plays while the train is in motion. Basically it’s a siren, cars whizzing by, etc. –– stuff that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re on the road. But out of nowhere, at one point, is one very loud cow mooing. And right there, we’re thrown back into the Uncanny Valley.

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