This Chick Totally Gets Me

So I have an essay published in an e-forum somewhere (let the scavenger hunt begin) and I must admit I’ve been reading the comments and basing my self-worth heavily on the reactions of the readers, and there’s one comment that knocked the wind out of me:

Gabriella on January 4, 2012 at 1:18 am

I am quite speechless. This is just raw. Really looking into the abyss, I’ll be damned if I didn’t get a bit of vertigo.

GABRIELLA, WHERE ARE YOU?!  It’s so clear that you totally understand me, and we were meant to be together!  Let’s shut ourselves up in my attic lair and read dark Russian literature all day and switch to French surrealism at night.  You can be the Didi to my Gogo, and I the Raskolnikov to your Sonya.  Only to you can I reveal my still-alive love of Tori Amos, and only to me can you talk candidly about the abyss.  I been there, girl.

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