Fun-ish Fact!

My colleague HW sent me this interesting tidbit from a book with a most titillating title, the seventh edition of Deviant Behavior by Alex Thios:

“Country music can also exercise a significant influence on suicide. As research has shown, the greater the radio airtime given to a country music, the higher the white suicide rate is. Country music tends to promote suicide by reinforcing preexisting suicidal moods in suicidally inclined listeners. This is because country music conveys many suicide-related themes, such as marital strife and dissolution, alcohol abuse, financial strain, and exploitation at work. A content analysis of 1400 hit country songs reveals that nearly three-fourths deal with the travails of love. Hopelessness further pervades most country songs. while country music cannot by itself drive people to suicide, it can increase suicide risks among those suicidal tendencies (Stack and Gundalach, 1992).”

If the case against Ozzy weren’t already dead…


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