It’s upsetting to me that I have to say this as it’s so incredibly obvious, but to celebrities/the Hollywood machine: FYI, “exhaustion” is not a diagnosis.  A person cannot be hospitalized or “treated” for it.  If a normal person (or anyone, for that matter) went to the ER and claimed he/she was “exhausted,” the doctor on call would advise them to take a fucking nap.  It is quite apparent to everyone that when you or your client are “hospitalized” for “exhaustion,” you or they are either in rehab or at home cooking up some cough syrup/gasoline concoction.  Your options, as I see it, are either to admit to a problem with the rock, or to lie.  “Pneumonia” is good cover-up, as is anything relating to digestive issues (people don’t want to hear a thing about issues of that particular bodily canal.)  For more information and to request the second edition of The Excuse Handbook, please contact me at  Thank you, and we appreciate your effort to help make the society we live in a less shifty and moronic one.

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