My Boss Is Really Cool

I suppose it would be pretty easy for me to be fired for writing things about my job here a la Dooce, but my boss aspires to transparency, so I think he wouldn’t be sad at all if he knew I was posting this.  Besides, this text was already in a book, so it’s not like it’s a secret anymore:

Peter Mayer was Salman Rushdie’s courageous publisher at Penguin Books, and he received many death threats, including one scrawled in blood. An anonymous telephone call told Mayer that “not only would they kill me but they would take my daughter and smash her head against a concrete wall.” Cohen takes up the story:

Far from rallying to defend an innocent girl and her innocent father, the parents of her classmates demanded that the school expel her. What would happen, they asked, if the Iranian assassins went to the school and got the wrong girl? And Mayer thought, “You think my daughter is the right girl?” The same cowardice greeted him when he applied for a co-op apartment in New York. “There were objections that the Iranians could send a hit squad and target the wrong apartment. As if I had done something wrong.”

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