Another PEN Obsession

Another thing I found in PEN America that I love:


by Angelica Freitas

gertrude stein has a big ass slide over gertrude

stein and when she slides it makes a great noise

as though someone dragged a wet cloth across

the huge glass window of a public building

gertrude stein from here to there it’s you the washcloth

behind your ear’s all yours from here to there it’s me the rubber

duckie’s mine gertrude stein and thusly we’re pleased

but gertrude stein is a charlatan thinks it’s fine to let one

loose under the water not i gertrude stein? it’s impossible

that anyone could so enjoy making bubbles

and because it’s her tub she pulls the plug and steals

my towel

and runs out stark naked huge ass descending the

staircase onto the streets of saint-germain-des-pres


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