Two Cool People

As I mentioned before, I am reading some books put out by London’s The School of Life, and by skimming this latest, How to FInd Fulfilling Work, I have been introduced to two bombass guys whose lives and careers I would like to have.  First up, the author, Roman Krznaric:

Roman Krznaric is an author, cultural thinker, and founding faculty member of The School of Life, where he teaches courses about work.  He has been named by the Observer as one of Britain’s leading lifestyle thinkers, and advises organizations including Oxfam and United Nations on using empathy and conversation to create social change.

Next, Krznaric’s pal, Iain King:

“Iain King has never been conventional.  When he left secondary school, he spent a year busking around Europe –– playing the guitar standing on his head.  One summer while at college in the early 1990s, he and a friend crossed into northern Iraq from Turkey, where they befriended a group of Kurdish freedom fighters, travelled around with them in a Jeep full of machine guns and hand-held missile launchers, and narrowly escaped being kidnapped.  Later, Iain started up a national student newspaper, which folded after half a dozen issues, then volunteered as a researcher for a political party.  Never having had much of a career plan, he ended up as a an expert on peace-building for the United Nations and other international organizations.  He helped introduce a new currency in Kosovo and has worked alongside soldiers on the battlefront in Afghanistan.  He has also found time to write a philosophy book, and to spend a year as a househusband and Syria, the lone father at baby groups in the Damascus expatriate community.”

It goes on to say that Iain’s current job, as a civil servant advising the British government on their overseas humanitarian work, is less-than-fulfilling, but for now, I’m content to imagine Iain as a happy, physically flexible do-gooder with a sweet Syrian bride.

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