Researching Fiona

… (for a legitimate reason, I swear!)

… and came across a quasi-famous 1998 Rolling Stone interview with her filled with some pretty badass anecdotes, such as:

“One of the subjects she keeps referring to onstage tonight is the boyfriend about whom she wrote some of Tidal‘s more barbed songs.  She tells the audience that she recently spoke with him for the first time since they broke up, and how good she feels because she doesn’t hate him anymore.  His name is Tyson.  She tracked him down at his college one morning after she’d been up all night and had ended up drunk and alone and wanting someone to talk to.  They told her he was sleeping.   ‘Tell him it’s Fiona,’ she said.  They talked for three hours.

“Still, I am a little surprised a few days later when she passes on his number for me to call him at college in Atlanta, where he studies bio and moonlights as an acid-jazz DJ.   He tells me about how they got together, a year after they first met, when he was out rollerblading on the Columbia University campus.  ‘After that day,’ he says, ‘we hung out with each other for 10 days straight without going home.’   They went out for two and a half years, on and off.  He was her first real boyfriend.  Then it ended.  ‘I remember it being all my fault,’ he says.  ‘Well, 95 percent my fault.  I started seeing this other girl and liking her a little bit.  And she said one day, ‘I never want to see you again.’   And then a year later an album’s out.’ (Later, Fiona tells me that afterward she became friends with the other girl.  One night they tried ecstasy together and were kissing.  They were going to take a photo and send it to   Tyson.  ‘We thought, ‘This’ll be the greatest,’ she laughs.   ‘The two girls that he fucked over.  Let’s make him think that we’re together now.’)

“Tyson remembers listening to Tidal for the first time.  He knew he was in there, and he would go through the songs, over and over, figuring it out.  ‘Sleep to Dream,’ pretty much it felt like that’s what she was saying to me the last time I talked to her,’ he says.  ‘And the video was set up in a way so it looks like her bedroom — a futon on the floor, a TV.’  The first time he saw that video, he was on his bed at college, lying on his back, with a girl on top of him, kissing his neck.  And suddenly he saw Fiona, ‘Kneeling on the ground, looking through the TV, looking straight at me,’ he says.  Saying those words.   This mind, this body and this voice cannot be stifled by your deviant ways/So don’t forget what I told you, don’t come around, I got my own hell to raise.

“He had to ask that girl to get off him.  He couldn’t carry on.”

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