Meeting of the HPAS

Last night the Harold Pinter Appreciation Society attended the aptly-titled A Celebration of Harold Pinter.  This one-man show focused on the poetic works of Pinter and was warmly and engagingly performed by classically-trained British thespian Julian Sands.  While it’s certainly a less thrilling theatrical experience than actually watching a Pinter play, there were some gems of verse that Sands read, including the below:



Jill. Fred phoned. He can’t make tonight.

He said he’d call again, as soon as poss.

I said (on your behalf) OK, no sweat.

He said to tell you he was fine,

Only the crap, he said, you know, it sticks,

The crap you have to fight.

You’re sometimes nothing but a walking shithouse.

I was well acquainted with the pong myself,

I told him, and I counseled calm.

Don’t let the fuckers get you down,

Take the lid off the kettle a couple of minutes,

Go on the town, burn someone to death,

Find another tart, giver her some hammer,

Live while you’re young, until it palls,

Kick the first blind man you meet in the balls.

Anyway he’ll call again.

I’ll be back in time for tea.

Your loving mother.

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