It’s Finally HERE!

Matt and Ben, by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers, has come off press!  A sampling:

MattInterior.  Ben’s apartment.  A lazy Saturday in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Stage right we see a desk, a computer, all untouched.  Center stage we got a second hand couch.  Pan left we see various junk food… and Ben.  Lights up on Ben.  Alone… at the desk.

(Matt exits.)

(Ben is waiting.  He faces the keyboard.  He types one letter.  Deletes letter.  Waits some more.  He straightens a pile of paper.  Waits some more.  Etc. etc. etc.  We understand Ben is fidgety and anxious, anticipating Matt’s arrival.  Matt enters with a pizza.  He is out of Ben’s line of vision, but Ben senses he is there and begins typing voraciously.)

Matt: Hey Ben.

Ben: Hey, Matt.  Long time no see.  Long time… no see.

Matt: The craziest thing –– I’m walking out of Papa Gino’s, and I run into Naomi…

Ben: You’re like two hours late man.

Matt: No.

Ben: It’s twelve thirty.

Matt: Wow.  Well, I was just, uh, picking up the pizza –– here, I got extra cheese –– anyway, so I ran into Naomi ––

Ben: Who is Naomi?

Matt: Naomi from 10th grade, from Ms. Parson’s history class.  Lesbian.  Do you know how I know this?  She sees me in line.  She comes up to me and says “Hi Matt, how are you, how’s the acting doing?”  And I said, “Oh, can’t complain, Naomi, how are things with you?”  And she goes, “Great.  I work at the Radio Shack, in Burlington?  And I’m a lesbian.”  Just like that.  I know!  I know!  So I was like, “Oh Radio Shack?  That’s cool.”  And I left.

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