Comment Section

I know it’s cowardly, but I’m afraid of the comments section online when I write things, so even though I submitted my piece to The New Yorker almost a month ago, I just looked right now at the comments.  They were all benign, except for one, which was hilarious (edited for clarity):

I’m Waiting For the Moshiach

What if Lou Reed turned Frum? He is Jewish afterall:

Hey Jew boy what you doing uptown?

come here to chase all those shiksa’s around

Oh pardon sir that’s farthest from my mind

I am just waiting for the Moishach friend of mine

I’m waitin for the Messiah

Here he comes all dressed in black

Long frock coat and a fur trimmed hat

He’s never early

He’s always late

One thing you learn is that you just gonna have to wait

I’m waitin for the Moshiach



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