Scottish Highland Quietude Club

“Two Sea Org bases are located on the old Gilman resort, Gold and Int. Gold Base is named after Golden Era Productions, the lavishly equipped film and recording studio set up by Hubbard to make his movies and produce Scientology materials.  Int. Base is the church’s international headquarters.  On the north side of the highway, nestled against the dry hills, is Bonnie View, the house that Hubbard hoped one day to live in.  [David] Miscavige keeps an office on the property.  Few Scientologists, and almost no one outside of the church, knew of its existence.  The local community was told that the bankrupt property on California Highway 79 had been purchased in 1978 by the ‘Scottish Highland Quietude Club.'”

~ Lawrence Wright (again), Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief

A cursory Google search indicates that the Scottish Highland Quietude Club doesn’t actually exist.  I’m thinking of starting one.  Who’s with me?

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