Wait… What?

Many in the tri-state area have probably heard the sordid tale of Rob Morrison, CBS news anchor (well, former) and resident of my hometown, that glorious bastion of WASP repression.  Apparently Morrison strangled his wife and his mother-in-law called the police and he’s saying it’s not a big deal and she (m-in-law) is saying that it is and yadda yadda yadda.

It’s all kind of boring, except for one small thing about the night, via Gothamist:

“It’s believed that Ashley Morrison hit her husband to beat him away while he was choking her, according to the Post’s sources. Another detail about the evening: The couple was watching Mystic Pizza before the alleged altercation.”

Mystic Pizza?!  How could that feel-good movie about a bunch of hard-scrabbled, dough-slinging Portuguese teenagers learning about the world and themselves lead to such violence?  How could a night that started so, so right go so, so wrong?  Tell me, Morrison!  How?!

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