Freelancing Opportunities


Each year, freelancers write 80 percent of our articles, but we

assign most of these to writers who have established themselves

with us. In most cases, we only give article assignments to writers

with published clips. All Charisma articles, with the exception of

the shorter stories (specified below), should be between 1,800 and

2,500 words in length. More than half our readers are Christians who

belong to Pentecostal or independent charismatic churches, and

numerous others participate in the charismatic renewal in mainline

denominations. Charisma Media is a leading creator of diversified

Christian resources that empowers believers for God’s purpose. Our

vision is to inspire people to radically change their world.


What exactly is an “independent charismatic church?”  Anyone?

2 Responses to “Freelancing Opportunities”

  1. Matthew Levy Says:

    And why is this written in verse?

    Sent from my mobile device.

    • itinerantdaughter Says:

      It’s just how it pasted. I’m not very tech savvy, mmmkay? I thought you were going to fix shit up for me.

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