I received a free promotional book here at my office titled as above, and it turns out it’s a seminal text of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, though that’s not indicated on the cover.  Perhaps they thought a reader would be turned off by such proselytizing, but they weren’t prepared for the likes of me!  The back matter makes it all sound so consequential!

“Unparalleled changes taking place around us forecast rapid and distressing events of the greatest magnitude.

“Already, in many hearts, there are sorrows and ills that no human balm seem able to heal.  In many places, there are restless and unsettled state of affairs, causing political and religious forces to forge unprecedented alliances.  And, wholly beyond the control of humanity, there are unregulated forces of nature which unleash calamities one after another in quick succession: earthquakes and tornadoes, destruction by fire and flood, often with great loss of life and property.

“Solemn and important, indeed, are the events taking place in our times.  But what do all these really mean?  Could these be warning signs, arousing us to some imminent danger?  What should be our role in the fast-approaching events soon to break upon the earth?

“The book in your hands provides definitive answers.  [ed note: eeeeee!] Drawing upon lessons from history as well as Bible prophecy, The Great Controversy reveals that the world is a theater of conflict.  The actors –– you and me –– are preparing to act our part in the last great drama.  And our choices and actions have a part to play in the outcome of this agelong struggle.

“You owe it to yourself to read this book.  For, ‘those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.'”

You had me at “ills that no human balm seem able to heal.”  Poetry!

In other news, I had an elaborate dream about the Counting the Omar Tumblr last night.


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