Someone Go and Report Back

***** Also on SATURDAY *****


Feeling Gloomy

Feeling Gloomy NYC trudges mournfully onward. We may have had thrown a gigantic party upon our return to NYC last month, but that doesn’t really make us happy. No, the skies are still gray, and we still wear black on the outside because black is how we feel on the inside.
That said, we hope you will come join us in our misery once again at the world’s only party devoted to sad music. We will very mournfully wheel around the dancefloor to our favorite songs. Hankies are not required, but strongly encouraged.
Feeling Gloomy, the world’s only dance party devoted to sad music, has returned to NYC. The night has been taken on by brothers grim Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom who promise you more downbeat BPMs than you can handle. They will be joined by DJ Grim Reaper who really does look like death.

Smuggled over from the Gloomy old UK (where its now 7 years old) it has thrived in the land of the free, bringing great, gloomy, British tunes to the good ole US of A for over three years now. The boys will be rifling through their record collections to select anything from the Cure to Dolly Parton. As long as the lyrics are gloomy and you can dance to it, it may well be thrown down. Don’t forget if it’s your birthday you will get the chance to come up and blow out the candles on the cake as the crowd sing Unhappy Birthday and commiserate with you for being another year nearer the grave. So come on New York. Join Feeling Gloomy in its new home and put on your red shoes to dance those blues. Dress to depress.


Grand Victory
245 Grand Street, between Driggs and Roebling, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11p- 4a; $6 door

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