My boss always cites this as the best title of all time, and for quite a while I thought this was a fake-book, but it turns out it is REAL (though a play.)  Someone needs to re-stage this immediately.  Synopsis below:

Despite the title, it has intense meaning for these times. The scene is a room in a wealthy country club, to which the men’s committee is hastily summoned early one morning after a carousing dance. Problem: what to do about the 16 luscious but low life females who drove up in a Rolls Royces and then proceeded to the tennis courts, where they are now disporting. While the committee huddles, we learn that they are the vulgar, crass people. They are good for nothing but blustering and simpering. It is the attendant, far more refined than they, who is invited out to play with the bevy of beauties, just before the final assault and the collapse of their cardboard world.

DESPITE the title?

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