Occupy Prada Marfa

Calling all community activists: you have probably heard that our beloved Prada outpost in the Chihuahuan Desert near Marfa, Texas, has come under fire recently, probably from the same Texan morons who want to micromanage your fetus and fuck a horse (simultaneously.)  I don’t particularly care about the nuances of public advertising law, but I do care about DAMN FUNNY ART, and so I am leading a group of serious people down to Marfa THIS SUNDAY via private jet to camp next to the store and protest not just its possible removal, but anything critical that anyone would ever say about it.  You should definitely bring your wackiest outfits, tents and/or teepees, whisky, peace pipes, books, and musical instruments.  Also, it will be helpful to have chainsaws and other tools, as we will send out small groups during the night to systematically destroy “Playboy Marfa.”  We will make signs that read “I ❤ ELMGREEN AND DRAGSET” large enough to be read by helicopters flying above.  Prepare to act as dead weight when the police arrive, and scare roaming cowboys by making out with the nearest person to you of the same gender.

To apply for one of the 20 seats on the private jet, please send a short essay describing your most transcendent experience to itinerantdaughterandson@gmail.com.  We will be in touch to discuss the Friday shabbat dinner meeting and trust-fall session, and Sunday’s departure.  Until then, namaste.



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