The Next Bestseller

In the tradition of No Carbon Footprint guy and every other pointless test of will documented in a book, the Gimmicks & Stretches Publishing Company is proud to announce the release of PAWING AT LIFE: MY YEAR WITHOUT HANDS.  A minor onion chopping accident gets Lillian McWordsmith thinking, “What would life be like if I just didn’t use my hands?”  With that premise-–and no thought of a future book deal whatsoever, seriously––McWordsmith decides to to spend one year with hands inside giant thumbless oven mitts, which render them useless.  Her hilarious stories––from sexual escapades gone wrong to feeling slighted at the phrase “five finger discount” and more––are compiled in this life-affirming and thought-provoking text, which is based on the blog she maintained with the help of a disability monkey and voice-activated software.  If you’ve ever wondered if you suffered from body integrity identity disorder or just like a rollicking good time, this is the book for you!  Dedicated to A. J. Jacobs.

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