Famous Daughter, Famous Mother

Someone at Rap Genius (or Poetry Genius, which is… the same thing?) please evaluate the work of Sonja Yelich in light of her daughter’s lyrics, or vice versa:


Time is white

& the baby came in a new season

but you could say that about all of them ~ ours


i looped them over the undoing of our street

all born in a house 2 here 2 there

i worked them into the dawn awake


firstly we slept zero

with the smell of milk

& our babies —

& the rigmarole of wrapping & the unwrapping of them


we signed our roundy names on the Certificate

of Authenticity crossing to the townhall

with its full clock ~ meat pie in each hand


we drove to every beach when they would not sleep

with our atlas of rivers & mountains & rocky roads

in the stony days of long sounds.


twice in one week i smacked the front out of 2 cars


at one beach

the size of latitude was light ~ longitude quiet

i slept myself.  my babies ears to the shore on lull & hush.


today ella says matt

knows what sea means in maths —

back then it was roundabout an hour


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