For Better or Worse…

I cannot stop thinking about this story, reprinted below for your enjoyment.

A judge overseeing the Aurora theater shooting trial dismissed a potential juror who tore out her hair when told she would have to return for more questioning. The woman broke down on Tuesday outside the courtroom and away from the defendant, James Holmes, who is charged with killing 12 people. Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said that the woman had brought her unvaccinated grandchild into the courthouse because she could not find day care and that he was concerned about the health risks of having the child in court. The woman began crying and became incoherent when told she would have to return. The defense agreed to release her from duty after the outburst. On Wednesday, Judge Samour said other potential jurors had found clumps of hair on the floor.

Aurora, Colorado, is definitely built on a Native American burial ground or some shit.  It has to be the saddest town in America.

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