Me, Be Social?

This is totally against my anti-social media stance, but things can get a little desperate when you live in a foreign country and you only have four friends and one of them is moving back to the States in just a few months.  So I was browsing through Meet-Up, which is kinda like social media but also ideally an IRL thing, and I found this hilarious group called Anti-Social London, which is hosted, among other things, a funny event called “The I’m Not Racist, But… Debating Society.”  I’d totally go if it weren’t on a Friday.  Herewith, the description:

The “I’m not racist, but…” debating society
Friday, September 30, 2016
7:00 PM

Windsor Race Course
Windsor Race Course, Windsor

The “I’m not racist, but…” debating society is as old as time itself and has played host to many, many factless, emotive and, above all, ignorant motions ever put forward.

Past topics have included:

• I’m not racist, but it’s true that there are no more school places because of immigrants

• I’m not racist, but isn’t it funny how I am getting more angry and there are immigrants? Coincidence?

• I’m not racist, but you can’t walk down the streets these days without having a huge variety of shops, products and choices available to me – which I hate. Give me pie and betting shops. That’s all I want.

• I’m not racist, but I remember a time when I didn’t have to be racist, but now it’s the most convenient way of disregarding my problems by blaming other people who don’t really have a voice (yet)

• I’m not racist, but I blame all of the problems I face in my daily life on people of a foreign nationality or colour of skin.

As you can see, it’s a blast with proper conversations for proper Bri’ish people, with proper Bri’ish sentiments and proper Bri’ish jobs. So come on, join in the debate and let’s have a good old fashion chin wag.

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