Comment Gems

A little while ago, I actually started to read The Comments.  Never for anything I write, ever, and admittedly sometimes I do it even if I know it will be an exercise in nurturing and then suppressing irritation, but a few times, the practice has yielded pretty awesome results.  Once, I found a nun who lives in a cemetery, once, a secret Shaker community, and now, an international conspiracy mastermind!

This genius commented on a New York Times article, which is about a mixologist who basically made up a provenance for a cocktail.  He claims to have… oh well, you’ll see:

Bill In The Desert La Quinta 16 hours ago

Dummy. You never reveal such a thing.

I created a myth and have seen it spread around the world. Sorry, but I will not reveal enough to identify it. However, it involved naming something. And, I tied it into the Latin version of an ancient myth. In the years since 1979, I have succeeded in getting it in print in academic publications as well as special interest magazines, newspapers and club newsletters. It is now buried in the archives of the Vatican library. Only six people are in on the whole hoax and I will never reveal the truth. I love it when it comes up in conversation and especially when a stranger has used the name and even cites the sources I planted.

Please tell me this is somehow related to the Jesus’s wife papyrus!

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