Good Conversations Yesterday

KM: I’m at [redacted], which is usually a good place to work.  But right now [name of famous writer, redacted] is standing three feet away from me, trying to take a selfie in front of the library.  It’s been going on for almost five minutes.  I’m like, “Can you stop being both annoying and incredibly successful RIGHT next to me???”

ID: Ugh!

ID: I think I would have a hard time [at said redacted location] just for being surrounded by people so successful.

ID: #3 on my list of “neuroses to shed in 2017”

KM: No joke.  She’s still doing it.  I think it must be for Snapchat or a video because she keeps saying “books are magic.”


KM: She is remarkably not embarrassed by this.  She’s said it easily 20 times.

KM: Just chipping away at this proposal while this bestseller Snapchats next to me.


ID: I straight up don’t believe in [redacted]

AL: Nope.  Fake news!


ID: From now on whenever anything I disapprove of comes up I’m just going to yell, “Fake news!”

AL: My friend said her 11-year-old now just yells that at her whenever he doesn’t want to do stuff.

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