For Immediate and Widespread Release

On behalf of the International Association of All Museums (Whether They Signed Up Or Not), we’d like to announce that the first Wednesday of every month will be official NO PHONE DAY at every museum in the world.  On this hallowed day, all museum visitors will be asked to arrive sans phone, or will  be asked to check their phones at the doors.  No exceptions will be made.  Visitors will be encouraged to look at the art using simply their eyes and nothing else.  The museums will be returned to their original states as places of contemplation and reverence, rather than as spots in which one might frame the perfect selfie in front of a Van Gogh.  Sketching will be encouraged, as will quiet and thoughtful conversation on the nature of art and the lives of the great artists of history.

Rules will be strictly enforced, but we also know that some individuals are so attached to their devices that we will perhaps miss a few.  If you are considering sneaking in your iPhone, please consider that you have around more than 300 days in the year to be a narcissistic douche bag.  As difficult as it may be, why  not attempt to be considerate of the small amount of time that those who are sensitive to watching your insufferably self-centered behavior have for themselves?

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