Ok so my husband basically called me a conspiracy nut last night even though I maintain most of my beliefs (the ones I was discussing, anyway) are critical but sound and defensible.  This one, however, miiiiiiiight be valid?  Anyway, I saw a headline today about how has teamed up with a German archives to digitalize an enormous swathe of records as pertained to the Holocaust.  I immediately thought of how (as many online genealogy outfits are) is a Mormon outfit: as in, founded by two Mormons, based in Utah, etc.  It is frequently described as a “Mormon company” although it isn’t technically owned by the Church.  Mormons are into genealogy because of their belief in what’s called vicarious or posthumous baptism, in which a current church member can be baptized as a proxy for a deceased family member.  Well, in theory, that’s what’s supposed to happen: as ex-Mormon whistleblower named Helen Radkey discovered, Mormons have also posthumously baptized the Joan of Arc, Josef Stalin, Jesus, 9/11 attackers, and the grandparents of Donald Trump, among others. They have a particularly ugly track record with Holocaust victims: they’ve baptized Simon Wiesenthal’s grandparents and, as recently as 2012, Anne Frank, not for the first time.  So I think that like, if you want to deal with historical Holocaust records, the Mormons are maybe not your best bedfellows.  JUSSAYIN.

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