The First…Err, Second of a New Category!

You know what I looooove? Categories! So I’m making a new category. This category is: Things I Love That I Go to Inappropriate Lengths to Track Down. It’s pretty much a category within a category, as the definition of category is: any general division. Things I like! Things I like MORE! The exact thing I like about the thing I like!  Things I like within things I like! It’s a bonANza of specification!

So sometimes I get fixed on things and then I go to “inappropriate lengths” to track these things down, and then I get sort of proud of myself for my perseverance, but I have no one to whom to brag about it.  I figured: hey, the internet!  This is where we all blow our meaningless and futile activities out of proportion, right?  And display them to a faceless and nameless crowd?  Wee!  Cue applause.

Okay so I have this obsession with quoting, quoting accurately, I should say.  I was quite taken by this compliment a steel magnate gave to a woman in the first season of Mad Men, the scandalous and sumptuously styled show on AMC (returns in August for its third season.)  Noticing that the first season was on demand out here on THE END (Where in the World is I.D.?), I decided to watch each episode until I found the quote.  I didn’t have to get very far, though.  It appears in the fourth episode.  Pete Campbell, the weaselly professional schmoozer, brings over two women as eye candy/”companions” for his client, the steel magnate.  Particularly taken by one of them (“Would you look at that!  You could lose a nickel in those dimples!”), he asks her what she does for a living.

“Well, I’m an actress,” she responds, “and I’m also taking some classes at Hunter.”

“Really?” he says.  “I would have thought you slept all day and bathed in milk.

Boys…write this one down!  Methinks it will work quite well.

In hindsight, this is actually the second post that falls under this category…

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