The Guy From the Tom’s Commercial: Gay or Unbelievably Dreamy?



Unbelievably dreamy: Spokesman for a global network, featured in a commercial in which he is traveling for his job

Gay: Wears a stylish scarf in said commercial

Unbelievably dreamy: Commercial shows him giving shoes to adorably third world kids

Gay: Works with shoes

Unbelievably dreamy: Started a program in which Toms Shoes gives away one pair of shoes for everything pair they sell

Gay: Cares about shit

Unbelievably dreamy: favorite TV show on MySpace is Lost

Gay: other favorite: Grey’s Anatomy

Unbelievably dreamy: from the LA Times, “He’s not egocentric like some entrepreneurs are.”

Gay: also from the LA Times, “He is not afraid to show his emotions to make sure people know they are appreciated.”

Seriously, though, if you’re straight, please…marry me.  I want to go around the world in a hot air balloon with you and make it rain teeny tiny shoes in Nigeria.

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