A Very Funny Exchange

(The subject, BTW, is pacifism.)


just read in this morning’s new york times that the state of ohio spent 2 hours trying to kill a man yesterday, and they could not find a vein they could get the needle into, and now they are RE-SCHEDULING killing him next week. my jaw dropped. that there is a death penalty here is barbaric in my view –we are among the few “civilized” nations that have it, as you probably know; our neighbors like Mexico are appalled–but to strap a man down and try to kill him for HOURS and then decide you’re going to do it to him again next week is torture of the most rarified kind. far worse than putting someone on the rack and snapping his tendons and connective tissue. in other words, makes medieval methods look like child’s play. you’d think that if the state failed to kill someone right–or at all–that they then forego the right to kill him. but they’re using a 1946 ruling to justify it–apparently it’s not unconstitutional. yeah well, neither was slavery.

and to answer ID’s about muktananda’s philosophy, yeah, non-violence entirely.

See, all I thought was Jesus, how lame can Ohio be that we can’t even get a vein? Is this because of the budget problem??

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