This Is A Re-Post, Not A Joke!

I’m being serious.

A Brilliant Idea Whilst Packing

By itinerantdaughter

I’m on the move again…

I think I’m going to gather together all the single earrings, socks, and shoes (yes, I have two,) dump them in a box, title it “Loss” and try to sell it to the Guggenheim Museum for a million dollars.


M: i just lost a glove today:(
ID: oh the worst
you should give the remaining one to me for my art project
M: i know!
that’s why i told you!
Everyone with one sock/earring/glove/mitten/shoe/uh, anything else?, please contact me so that I can provide with an address to send the remainder to, and also your name, age, and hometown so that you can be credited on the project. Feel free to put on your resume as “collaborator.”
Becca says…I have several single shoes. Probably about 7. I have kept all of them through my last several moves in hopes that one day the other will show up. Will you be keeping an archive so that long lost souls of the shoes (pun!) can still find one another?
Great idea! Please comment here requesting the paperwork and I will send it to you ASAP. You can send the complete forms and the single item to Itinerant Daughter, c/o the Guggenheim Museum, 1071 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10128.

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