Unfinished Business

I once fantasized about putting all my unfinished writing into one document and publish it as “Unfinished Masterpieces,” or something similar. There is a genius in what is left undone, in letting the reader or viewer finish it. I remember part of a quote from the brilliant French movie Camille Claudel that expresses that sentiment much better than that. “It’s pure genius before…” Something like that. Michaelangelo repeatedly didn’t finish his sculptures, and these unfinished works are widely considered masterpieces. Not saying I’m Michaelangelo, but really, isn’t completion a myth anyway?

A new way to think about the unfinished:

“I see unrealized projects as the most important unreported stories in the art world. As Henri Bergson showed, actual realization is only one possibility surrounded by many others that merit close attention. There are many amazing unrealized projects out there, forgotten projects, misunderstood projects, lost projects, desk-drawer projects, realizable projects, poetic-utopian dream constructs, unrealizable projects, partially realized projects, censored projects, and so on. It seems urgent to remember certain roads not taken, and—in an active and dynamic, rather than nostalgic or melancholic way—transform some of them into propositions or possibilities for the future.”
-Hans Ulrich Obrist

This man is the quote most important art curator in the world, and an alien end quote, according to partner-in-conceptual-art-crime PS. So often when I’m evaluating texts for literary magazines (which I do, sometimes…I wear many hats) I think to myself, “This writer would have done her/himself such a favor if he/she had just cut it off two sentences earlier, instead of going into the whole, ‘And this incident with my grandparents is why I am afraid of bananas today.'” And so maybe everyone ought to quit while they’re ahead? Maybe you should always stop yourself two

One Response to “Unfinished Business”

  1. Paul Says:

    A SWISS alien. That is crucial.

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