A Formula for Success

A Formula for Success

If you find yourself with a runaway hit (book, movie, television show) on your hands, the key to serializing while maintaining artistic integrity and increasing profits is to try to be determine the number of installments in the series as early on as possible and inform the fan base of said number of episodes soon after you’ve decided.  This way the excitement to the finale BUILDS in proportion to time as opposed to fizzles.

Good examples of this type of success:

The Harry Potter series


Sex and the City


The Twilight Saga (that’s what it’s called, right?)

Star Wars

Another rule: if you are involved in a hit television show, the popularity of which is waning, and writers discuss one of the central couples having a baby, DOCTOR K THAT SHIT IMMEDIATELY!

Good examples of this type of failure:

Growing Pains

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (hello, Vivian Deuce was like, at least 50 when she popped Nicky out)

Full House

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