I had this idea last year and it seems someone has made it a reality! 😦

Wish I could go anyway (natch) but am stuck in Football Country…

David Foster Wallace’s Incandenza Comes to Life

Rozalia Jovanovic · January 12th, 2010

The filmography of the fictional Wild Turkey drinking filmmaker and visionary tennis instructor at Enfield Academy, James Incandenza, the central character of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, will make an appearance of sorts at the Gallery at The Leroy Neiman Center for Print Studies.

Beginning January 29th, the Neiman Center at Columbia University will present A Failed Entertainment: Selections from the Filmography of James O. Incandenza. The filmography is made possible by the contributions of artists and filmmakers who have been commissioned to re-create the seminal works of the storied oeuvre of the avant-garde filmmaker, all of which is included as a footnote in Wallace’s novel.

While the exhibition will be up through February 19th, the spirit of Incandenza will be celebrated at an opening reception, with film screening, on Friday, January 29th from 6:00-8:00pm.

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  1. itinerantdaughter Says:

    Emoticons!? Who knew???

  2. wdrefugees Says:

    OMG you HATE emoticons! I was trying to hunt down the piglet emoticon on just a few minutes ago. Any idea?

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