Big Brother: Refugee Edition

ID: omg last night i wanted to text you last nightor, afternoonKC’s hairdresser and KC and i

were talking about how apparently (you may have heard this)
4:35 PM they’re parking this cruise ship that can house 300 at the pier in haiti? and either relief workers or refugees will live on it?
they disagreed on this last point
and said, “dude, they need to get cameras on that shit…reality show!”
4:36 PM and her hairdresser kind of looked at me like i was retarded
PS: hah!
that’s great
4:37 PM me: seriously
Real World Refugees
PS: “Carnival Cruise: Miami or Bust”
ID: Pier 5
ID: Find out what happens on the boat…cat fights, romances and malnutrition!”
4:38 PM Paul: “Stolen food, armed militias, topless women!”
ID: i could play this game for a LONG time

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