Netflix Guilt

I feel terrible when I keep my Netflix for too long and cannot get myself to watch them!  For example, I’ve had the following for the past week and a half:

Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)

Full of classic renditions of “Sympathy for the Devil,” “Under My Thumb,” “Satisfaction,” “Jumping’ Jack Flash” and “Wild Horses,” this unvarnished documentary chronicles the Rolling Stones’ chaotic 1969 American tour.  Starting off on a high note at a riveting New York City show, the film concludes in the aftermath of the infamous Altamont Speedway gig, where Hell’s Angels hired as security brutalized concert-goers (even killing one.)

See, I know it’s kind of an important film to have seen, but for some reason, I cannot get myself to watch it.  I’m biting the bullet and sending it back.  Lord, forgive me.

Sidenote: how do I get a job writing synopses for Netflix?

One Response to “Netflix Guilt”

  1. Marisa Says:

    i totally know what you mean on this…

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