Twenty Mini-Poems

I am at a fucking PANERA BREAD in NEW JERSEY. What else do I have to do besides write mini-poems? (A few are old, unearthed from a crumbling notebook.)
1. I want to be one of those crazy writers
who burns all her unfinished work
before she dies

2. This is not a haiku
fuck off

3. The little bluebird inside Charles Bukowski
would make an interesting pet

4. No words are as perfect as
holding the hand of your beloved
ergo, my life is hopeless

5. glass eggs
wet young skin
kissing babies’ heads
that was phatic
how do you feel now?

6. I wish I could show you
how deeply I feel
and I’m willing to bet
you feel the same way

7. I decided to like a boy
but he’s dating a model
oh well

8. I have nothing to say
but G-d, it feels good to wield this pen

9. Sometimes when I watch Intervention
and the addict bolts
I root for him
Like it’s a race

10. fat homeless people
one of life’s many mysteries

11. Congratulations!
The tests came back negative

12. I am in love
as blissful as
a newly indoctrinated cult member

13. I hear myself wail in my head, “I can’t do this!
I’m only a child!”
and then I realize
I’m forty-six years old

14. Sometimes we all feel a little
like Joseph K.

15. All I want in life right now
is a blank, letter-size envelope

16. Being the host of a TV show
seems like a great, easy job
how do I apply?

17. In my next life
I’d like to be a fat black lady who can sing
But can’t they all?

18. Psalms
Comfort me
This is a plea
Not a statement

19. Sometimes
Alzheimer’s seems like
The greatest gift

20. I will eat my pudding
Even though I haven’t had my meat

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