For Realz?

Something about this whole thing smells fishy to me…


JF: hey how’s it going?

me: hi
meh ok
JF: just meh ok?
11:25 AM i feel like a hundred bucks but i don’t want to rub it in
me: ha!
yeah i’m in baltimore, and i’m kind of sick
and i just got back from argentina
so i miss red meat
JF: hah
me: tell me about your hundred buck feeling
JF: are you sure?
me: yeah yeah
11:26 AM JF: i met this girl a couple days ago on a dating site
actually emailed a couple times months ago but i forgot
msg’d her a couple days ago and nothing happened
me: ok
JF: then i get a txt saying she just had the worst date of her life and wanted another one
11:27 AM so i went and met her
she is stunning
georgia accent, atheist, liberal, nerdy engineer who is in law school
she’s also an absolute blonde bombshell
11:28 AM me: where is she in law school?
that’s amazing!
JF: idunno
but then i go home and start thinking… she’s probably a con artist or an axe murderer
this is too good to be true
so i google her
she’s a playboy playmate
me: what?!
shut uuuuuuuup
11:29 AM JF: yea…. so the next day (yesterday) i’m out having a beer after work
and she calls me again and says what’s your address i’ll be there in 10 minutes
she had a girls night for her friend who broke up with her ex… friend ended up getting drunk and bootycalling that ex
11:30 AM me: noooo
JF: so my playmate is pissed and comes over and then is less pissed
and now we have dates planned for sunday and wednesday
and i am dating a playmate
and what the fuck is going on in the world
me: ha!
what’s her name?
i gotta google
Jordan: Ashley Smith
me: sorry, you opened this door
Jordan: i’ll just get you the pics hang on
11:31 AM me: ok
11:32 AM Jordan: here’s a few from 1 of her photoshoots
11:33 AM most of page 1 here are her:
ID…. my angel is a centerfold

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