More On Patti Smith

I have adopted a new style icon as a result of reading Just Kids.  Smith writes:

“Possibly the most influential person we met at the Chelsea was Sandy Daley.  She was a warm and somewhat reclusive artist who lived next to us in room 1019.  It was a completely white room; even the floors were white.  We had to take off our shoes before we entered.  Silver helium pillows from the original Factory drifted and suspended above us.  I had never seen such a place.  We sat barefoot on the white floor and drank coffee and looked at her photography books.  Sandy sometimes seemed a dark captive in her white room.  She often wore a long black dress and I liked to walk behind her so as to observe her hem trailing the hallway and the staircase.

Sandy had spent much time working in England, the London of Mary Quant, plastic raincoats and Syd Barrett.  She had long nails and I marveled at her technique of lifting the arm of the record player so as not to damage her manicure.”

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