Consumer Anxiety

My craftiness having been honed as a result of being unemployed, I went yesterday to test a website for a software company (something like that) and was rewarded with a $35 gift card.  I use part of it to buy a few (bad) books I need for research but have ten dollars remaining.  I don’t want to let the money languish on the card lest I forget I have it, so the question remains: what to buy?

My on-going to read/buy list:

Books to Buy/Read/Read Again

Tatjana in Color

Lost in the Cosmos

McLean book

Lucia Joyce book (In the Wake?  Dancing in the Wake?)

Edna Saint Vincent Millay bio

The Lives of the Saints

A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears

fear and loathing in america: gonzo letters 2 by hunter s. thompson

can somebody shout amen?  (patsy sims)




Sophie’s world

Confederacy of Dunces

Anna Karenina

Silent Twins by Marjorie Wallace

Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Gay Talese

When Marina Abramovic Dies by James Wescott

Mein Kampf

I Jan Cremer by Jan Cremer

flying to america by donald barthelme

wind-up bird chronicles by haruki murakami

the lost weekend by charles jackson

rings of saturn by w.g. sebald

vincent van gogh’s letters to his brother

this warhol book i can’t remember the title of

les enfants terrible by jean cocteau

the naturalist

catch 22 by joseph heller (can you believe i have never read this?)

peeling the onion and

the tin drum both by gunter grass

look homeward, angel by thomas wolfe

books by ingmar bergman (he wrote a bunch!)

collected works of wallace stevens

strangeland by tracy emin

the immoralist

the long sonata of the dead by michael robinson

diane arbus’ biography

in the labyrinth by robbe-grillet

darkness visible by william styron

suite francaise by irene nemirovsky

the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

margarita and the master bulgokov

autobiography of a face by lucy grealey and

truth and beauty (her biography)

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