My friend and I sometimes play the tabs game, meaning we list all the tabs open on our computers and try to see what they say about us.  Here is her list today:
3. gmail
4. ugandan newspaper article about how there’s no water in a healthcenter because they havent paid thebill
5. another ugandan newspaper article about how a presidential candidate promised to sell the presidential jet to develop the country (
6. Off The Rails: The Year In Fox News Misinformation (
7. NPR- Download The Best New Music Of 2010-
8. Effects of Dermal Exposure to Nicotiana tabacum (Jean Nicot, 1560) Leaves in Mouse Evaluated by Multiple Methods and Tissues (
12. (BIO AND contact info from this AIDS researcher at University of Miami)
13. Hell on Earth – Systematic Rape in Eastern Congo from the journal of humanitarian assistance
14. play RB wants to see on the 27th but so expensive!
15. other option for a play
16. tickets– so expensive
17. other ticket seller- also ridiculous and doesnt have plays i want – will close this tab now, thank heavens for this exercise
18. — idea for an aids activism activity- people want to make jerseys that say “team obama” and make signs that say, obama dropped the ball on aids…
19. nytimes, front page
20. google news search on terrorist attack in nairobi
21. profile for lady i talked to on phone this AM who i might work for in nairobi
22. i want to get a white house tour!
23. – wanted to see if my congress woman had the same white house tour thing as the other lady bc i technically dont live in her district and dont want her to deny my request for a white house tour on those grounds!
24. google search – linda bales
25. google search – alexander mcqueen (couldnt remember his first name)
26. sparklehorse- couldnt remember his name — for your genius suicide column thing
27. wikipedia– list of suicides (curiosity!)
28. wachovia- how much money do i have?
29. google search – marianne williamson- this lady paul just went to see
30. google search- did inventor of atomic bomb commit suicide
+ 4 tabs on nicotine induced skin damage (for my mom)
+ chromeo — i could be wrong on stereogum
+ facebook

Her tabs indicate that she is extremely socially conscious.  Mine, right now, are this blog, obvi, and my Gmail, which do not indicate such a thing.  Also I’m having posting deja vu… have I done this before?

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