Fashion Blogging for the Apocalypse

As the apocalypse is nigh, what with birds falling from the skies and crabs dying in droves and Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar, I figure it’s time for me to cash out, so this blog will now become a FASHION BLOG.  I’ve considered this before, but now I’m really going for it.  Words will be kept to a minimum.  Instead I will just put up gratuitous vanity shots of myself reclined on velvet couches or looking playfully down at a Givenchy wedge or even a close up of me making a duck pout, eyes lined with thick Kohl, little fingers brandishing fat sterling rings like I was some mobster out of Brighton Beach.  My first photo shoot will be tomorrow before I go over to my favorite bar at El Quijote in the Chelsea Hotel.  I will wear a light blue turban I swiped from my roommate (sh!), a black leotard, patterned Wolford tights, a long black skirt with gold detailing, Chanel patent leather gold and black wedge heels, twenty-four multi-colored bangles, a fur coat that is ripping at the seams (Recession Chic!  This is a new level of Bobo style) and my favorite accessory: a tear drawn with a Sharpie beneath my left eye.  Nothing says FASHION! like a criminal record.

The end is coming, my friends.  Let’s look freaky.

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